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Becca is a magnificent teacher, a magnificent guide.

I highly recommend her!"
~Ray Roy

Testimonials: Welcome

I had the most amazing akashic records reading with Becca yesterday.
So many things now confirmed, validated, and discovered.
She's an amazingly gifted soul and I encourage anyone who has not taken this journey with her to do so!!!



What Becca shared with me profoundly helped me in understanding who I am on both a soul level and who I am in this lifetime. She showed me my "hidden gifts" and gave me clarity on how I operate energetically, which has been a great blessing! Understanding where you come from energetically can feel very filling and satisfying when giving and receiving from those energies! I've been left with a lasting sense of peace & ability to let go of what does not serve me.



Becca is the real deal! Pure love and light! Her Akashic records readings are on point!



Thank you so much for the AMAZING session with you!
I felt so comfortable and trusting in your care.
I felt heard when I shared. 
Your ability to listen and reflect back on what I expressed was impeccable.
I felt you really saw me for who I am. For that, I am forever grateful.
I learned new things about myself and superconsciousness.
Thank you for bringing me to a more integrated being.



THANK YOU for my AMAZING Akashic reading Becca! Truly insightful, & confirming of my path! I REALLY appreciate your gift & how the reading is changing me -- Increased confidence / assurance of my path & feeling more zestful in my attitude. Even noticed a significant change in the quality of my daily meditations, which I highly value. THANKS so much ... Supreme gratitude!



I whole-heartedly recommend Becca to anyone! Her expertise and support can open new horizons for you.



For well over half my life, I have been blessed with a clear vision and knowledge of my path and purpose. Meeting Becca and All About Woo was by chance (or was it?) and the Soul Blueprint I received was accurate beyond my expectations. While I did already know most of the information, there were some precise tidbits I was unaware of and they were tiny missing pieces to my whole picture. I am very satisfied and feel even more like I am on the correct path with this information. Thanks Becca and All About Woo!



Becca is a compassionate loving soul who has the ability to connect in a powerful way with people of any age, ability, need. She brings unconditional love to everyone.



If you want to change a behavior or reinforce a behavior, it's easier to do so when you know why you do it. The Akashic Records reading can help you feel better because it gives you an understanding of why you do what you do.



Becca is informative, creative, and positive. I would recommend Becca to people wanting to break some “bad” patterns/habits.


Testimonials: Testimonials
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